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Our Ambition

Energy is life. Whether for cooking, heat or transport, we need it each day. At TotalEnergies, we are a broad energy company driven by one ambition: being a world-classe player in the energy transition by producing and supplying energy that is ever more affordable, cleaner, more reliable and accessible to the greatest number.

More energy, fewer emissions

Climate change is one of the most daunting challenges of the 21st century and we have chosen to support the objectives of the Paris Agreement commitments. To ensure that the needs of a growing population are met in a sustainable manner, we will need to produce and supply energy in greater quantities, but above all, in a better way, by limiting our emissions through diversifying our mix to include more renewable and decarbonised energy.
And we have set ourselves ambitious reduction goals for all our global operations, both for our operated industrial facilities (Scopes 1 and 2) and for emissions resulting from the use of our products by our customers (Scope 3).

Reinventing energy

To better address climate change, we need to reinvent energy and the way we produce and consume it by acting on two fronts: avoiding/reducing/offsetting our emissions and offering a less carbon-intensive energy mix.
To achieve this, we are constantly improving our operational excellence and energy performance to make economical and rational use of fossil fuels and generate as few emissions as possible. We are also accelerating the deployment of renewable and decarbonized energy through strong R&D and innovation in strategic areas, such as renewable electricity storage with our subsidiary Saft. In renewables, we are pursuing two ambitious goals for 2030: to join the world's top five renewables producers and to have a gross renewable electricity generation capacity of 100 GW.
In this way, we are acting to contribute to the carbon neutrality of society. After all, it is only by working together - public authorities, energy sector players, businesses and civil society - that we can achieve the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.

The strengths that set us apart

Present in more than 130 countries, our more than 100,000 employees are the energy that drives us forward. They are our greatest strength. Oil and biofuels, natural gas and green gas, renewables and electricity: every day, they combine their expertise and know-how to provide the world's populations with the energy they need. From production to distribution and processing, they are involved in all
energy value chains and, thanks to the strength of our integrated model, invent ever more innovative technological solutions for our customers.

Our Projects

Our Partners

Even though their choir was born just two years ago at Palmarito´s school, the students made it to the festival, participating in concerts together with Bolivian professional singers and musicians from the Royal College of Music Baroque Orchestra.

Recognized professionals of the TPA Program (TotalEnergies Professeurs Associés in french) taught several modules during the second version of the Master Program in Oil and Gas Engineering organized by the Postgraduate Unit of the Military Engineering School (EMI).

The investigation promises to detect water availability, quality and evaluate water withdrawal impact as inputs to design strategic actions for sustainable water use.