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Guaraní choir participates in International Baroque Music Festival

During the international Baroque Festival Misiones de Chiquitos, one of the most important polyphonic compositions from the unique musical archive of Chiquitos was presented by native Guaraní children and young students from Palmarito, a small community in south-eastern Bolivia.

From Palmarito to Santa Cruz de la Sierra

The sixty-three young musicians travelled from their community, most of them for the first time, to sing in three completely different locations and audiences. On April 16th their beautiful voices were heard at Los Huerfanos Chapel in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, one of the largest Bolivian cities three hours away from Palmarito.
Missa Santa Ana was presented in Santa Cruz de la Sierra with the Italian ensemble Dionizzeti, proving Palmarito´s choir international standards. This was only possible thanks to their disciplined everyday practices at school headed by the choir´s director, Adelina Anori, overcoming serious limitations such as the lack of electricity.
On April 21st, Camiri´s Cathedral received them, where they interpreted Missa Santa Ana and other missional compositions. Camiri is the nearest town to Palmarito, two hours away by road. The next day, on April 22nd, the Guarani choir travelled an additional hour away from home and arrived in the small community of Santa Rosa performing at the missional church.

TotalEnergies promotes this encounter between cultures since 1999

TotalEnergies contributes to the festival, organized by APAC (Asociación Para el Arte y Cultura), since 1999 with the conviction that art promotes dialogue between cultures and that music strengthens bonds. In 2013, the company decided to give its full support to Guarani´s choir participation in this well-known festival.
Since then, the affiliate´s collaborators have been very proud to witness the young musician’s efforts, enthusiasm, and successful performances.

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