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Beekeeping development for neighboring communities

Aiming to generate a positive impact on Guaraní communities neighboring TotalEnergies area of operations in Bolivia, the subsidiary is developing a beekeeping project in alliance with local executors. This joint initiative seeks to improve beekeeping production capacities in the Caraparicito, Iviyeca, Tasete and Yapumbía communities, located in the Alto Parapetí Indigenous Territory, municipality of Lagunillas.

Training to develop communal apiaries

The program transfers technical capacities to maintain communal apiaries that benefit 60 producers in the TCO Alto Parapetí. Likewise, the bases for linking these producers with beekeeping groups and local and national markets, with the perspective of forming inclusive sustainable businesses, are being established.

Since 2018, actions to install beehives and develop technical abilities were implemented in coordination with executors and local allies. In 2020, 39 producers received from the Ministry of Education their basic level certificate on permanent productive communal beehive education, with a remarkable participation of women, who made up approximately 50%.

The implementation of communal apiaries included the acquisition of materials and equipment for the honey production and technical guidance during the 12 months of each project stage, until a consolidated production was achieved. 

From the beginning of the project, technicians with more than twenty years of experience in the field periodically visit the four communities to provide theoretical and practical training. 

As the work progressed, beekeeping knowledge was shared and beekeeper´s doubts addressed. During a first stage, technicians focused on highlighting the importance of knowing the forest´s species flowering seasons and the production of offspring to increase the number of bees in each hive. At the same time, training was imparted on beekeeper's safety equipment, the structure of a bee box, and the types of bees that live in the hive, their importance, and functions.

During the 2021-2022 harvest season, the 88 apiaries, ready to produce, generated 735 kilos of high-quality honey with physical and chemical analysis. 

The technical training also advanced towards the manufacture of products derived from honey: bee honey granola, honey candies with propolis and wira wira, handmade glycerin and honey soaps. In turn, organizational and marketing aspects were reinforced.

The project executed well-organized apiaries, in addition to beekeeping equipment and tools. The trade agreements sought to boost the beekeeping group´s business sustainability who have established directive boards with specific regulations.

In 2021, the Lagunillas Civic Committee was also supported by TotalEnergies to establish an apiary and training for interested entrepreneurs. This initiative, in which 10 producer families participated with 43 hives suitable for production, was carried out with Fundación Valles.

The integral project resulted from the development axes proposed in TCO Alto Parapetí´s 2017 - 2027 Life Plan. This document, which received support from TotalEnergies in Bolivia for its preparation, established the need to promote the indigenous community productive activities through programs that promote beekeeping production.

The investment during 2021 in four Alto Parapetí TCO communities amounted to 242,556 Bs by TotalEnergies and 18,931 Bs by Fundación Valles. For the Civic Committee of Lagunillas´ initiative, TotalEnergies invested 86,918 Bs and Fundación Valles 5,400 Bs.

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