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30/05/2020 News

Total in Bolivia together with World Vision deliver medical supplies to communities

In order to strengthen the healthcare network of the Municipality of Lagunillas, where the company has operations, Total in alliance with World Vision Bolivia delivered medical supplies to the San Luis de Lagunillas Hospital and to community health posts in Caraparicito, Iviyeca and Yaiti. 

The support of Total in Bolivia and World Vision consisted of providing the hospital necessary supplies for doctors and healthcare personnel to provide safe attention to possible cases of Covid-19. These included disposable masks, caps, gloves and gowns; protective glasses for patient care; N95 respirator masks; cleaning utensils and supplies; liquid soap; alcohol-based sanitizer gel; and infrared digital thermometers for temperature control among others. 

Additionally, the health posts of Caraparicito, Tenta Piau, Aguada Grande and Iguasurenda received from Total, multivitamins and pediatric influenza drugs, antipyretics, antihistamines, rehydration salts, B complex vitamins and syringes, among other supplies.  

This donation strengthens the healthcare network of the Municipality of Lagunillas against the biological risks posed by the Covid-19 pandemic and the dengue epidemic by making essential biosecurity material available. With the provision of these medical supplies not widely available in the market, Total in Bolivia and World Vision contribute to protecting patients and healthcare personnel during the current health emergency. 

The donation, made in several consignments over May and June, was positively received for Total’s commitment by the Honorable Mayor of the Municipality of Lagunillas, Héctor Contreras, the authorities of the Municipal Council, the medical personnel of the San Luis Hospital, and leaders of Aguada Grande, Caraparicito and Tenta Piau community organizations.

“It is everyone's responsibility to take care of ourselves and our loved ones in response to this global health emergency. As a company, we are applying all the necessary health and biosecurity measures in the area of our operations. Each one of us makes a contribution to overcoming this emergency with responsible behaviors and always prioritizing communication and constructive dialogue,” said Maria Elisa Landivar, Public and Social Affairs Manager at Total E&P Bolivie.