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17/03/2024 News

The population of Lagunillas and Alto Parapetí now has access to ultrasound equipment

Starting January, the population of the Alto Parapetí Indigenous Territory Community (TCO) and Lagunillas, an area neighboring TotalEnergies EP Bolivie´s operations, has access to ultrasound medical services.

On January 16, 2024, TotalEnergies EP Bolivie delivered the ultrasound equipment to the Caraparicito Health Post, with the presence of local authorities and health personnel. Dr. Eliana Escalera, a physician at the Caraparicito Health Post, explained that this new equipment will provide quality care to patients. "Pregnant women faced significant challenges accessing these types of studies, which are required by regulations to be performed at least three times during the gestation period," she stated. Until now, it was essentially guesswork. "Having the ultrasound allows us to provide maternal-fetal well-being, knowing how the baby is doing and also how the mother is," she emphasized.

The ultrasound will also help proactively identify certain pathologies and monitor chronic diseases, facilitating appropriate treatment or referrals to specialists for surgical interventions.

The medical team at the Caraparicito Health Post expressed deep gratitude to TotalEnergies for their contribution. This materials, a gynecological examination table, an auxiliary furniture piece for the ultrasound, a negatoscope, a height measuring device, first aid instruments, a 12,000 BTU air conditioner (both cooling and heating), two fire extinguishers, signage, and various other furnishings, including a metal display case, complement the previously delivered equipment.