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Local development: water for indigenous communities

Indigenous communities receive water at their households with TotalEnergies Bolivia´s support.

Direct access for Guarani families

As a part of its local development plan, the societal team contributed to construct and optimize water systems of 13 communities neighboring the Incahuasi Gas Treatment Plant and pipelines. Guarani families that had to walk long distances to fetch water, now have taps in their patio. 

Participative development projects

Committed to local sustainable development, TotalEnergies in Bolivia implements participative projects that benefit directly indigenous inhabitants. Using inclusive planning methodologies, the community´s families and their leaders decide which projects they want the societal funds awarded by the company to be spent in.  In this case the Guarani communities chose to expand or improve their water distribution systems, build additional infrastructure, protect their water captions or train their water committee representatives in operation and management.

Positive impacts through social projects 

Building long lasting relationships with local actors is part of the company’s social strategy, designed to guide social activities implemented in its operation´s areas.  One of the strategy´s principles is to generate positive impacts in local development; therefore TotalEnergies creates value for the families putting in place social programs that execute educational, health and economical projects such as the water access projects.

Our local Projects