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Young community members are certified in sustainable agricultural production

Eighteen young Guarani men and women received their Sustainable Agricultural Production and Cattle Raising Technician diplomas from Bolivia´s Ministry of Education. From March to October 2015, they were trained for this purpose following six courses sponsored by TotalEnergies in Bolivia at the Arakuaarenda Formation Center in Charagua, a small town south of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

Acquiring skills at home and at the formation center

These young technicians come from eight communities pertaining to the Capitanías of Kaami, Boyuibe and Iupaguasu. After being selected, they spent three weeks per month at their own communities to develop agricultural projects under trainers’ guidance. Once a month they moved from their communities to Charagua, traveling between three and four hours by typical dirt roads that crisscross The Guarani territory surrounding TotalEnergies operational areas in Bolivia, to acquire further techniques at the formation center facilities. During the training program they became skilled in production systems, irrigation management, cattle rising and agricultural project planning.

Local projects to enhance opportunities

The training program is part of TotalEnergies Bolivia’s societal strategy that guides the company’s relationship with Guarani communities neighboring the Incahuasi Gas Treatment Plant. One of its main principles is to promote sustainable development by executing local projects that enhance educational opportunities for local families.

Our local Projects