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05/10/2023 News

TotalEnergies trains forest fire prevention and control in the Incahuasi area

August and September are the months with the highest incidence of forest fires in the country, especially in the department of Santa Cruz. For this reason, TotalEnergies decided to promote an awareness campaign for the prevention and control of forest fires in eight communities neighboring its operations at the Incahuasi Gas Treatment Plant and wells.

Accordingly, the company continues the work that has been carried out since 2020, when forest fires in the Caraparicito area demonstrated the need to carry out these prevention actions. To this end, joint work was consolidated with the Directorate for the Conservation of Natural Heritage (DICOPAN) and the Serranía Sararenda Protected Area, which depend on the departamental government of Santa Cruz, Fundación Natura, the municipal government of Lagunillas and the Authority for the Social Control and Inspection of Forests and Land (ABT).

The training took place between July and August, during eight sessions, and was conducted by technicians from the aforementioned institutions, coordinated by TotalEnergies EP Bolivie's community relations officers. During this period, 122 residents of the Alto Parapetí TCO and private landowners were trained on how to prevent and avoid fires, as well as how to act in the event of a fire spreading.

The Cordillera area is one of the regions of the department that, due to drought and lack of rainfall, is currently facing problems for the adequate provision of water, which complicates the ability to react to possible fires.

On July 31, ABT issued Administrative Resolution ABT177/2023, which temporarily paralyzes the authorization of controlled burns throughout the national territory, since -due to weather conditions- there is a high risk of forest fires.