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23/04/2023 News

TotalEnergies proposes renewable energy solutions for Bolivian industry

These are solutions in the field of renewable energies, which TotalEnergies has developed and implemented around the world and that could be applied in Bolivia, benefiting public and private industry.

(April 2023) "Distributed solar generation solutions" and "Renewable energy solutions for industry" were the presentations given by Gustavo Zárate, Senior Business Developer Rex of TotalEnergies, at Tecnia, the main event of technological solutions for industry in Bolivia, held first in the city of La Paz and then in Sucre.

In this framework, he shared with the attendees the options that TotalEnergies offers for industrial and commercial customers who wish to reduce energy consumption from fossil sources. Among them, the CPPA (Corporate Power Purchasing Agreement) scheme to develop renewable energy projects with private clients. 

Tecnia, organized by the National Chamber of Industries (CNI), brought together more than 200 attendees in La Paz and more than 100 in Sucre, with the aim of exchanging knowledge and experiences, as well as generating business networks and synergies between the public and private sectors.

The event featured national and international speakers who have implemented and designed first-hand technological solutions in the industrial sector, with several success stories applied in large companies.

Within this framework, the renewable energy solutions that TotalEnergies has developed and implemented around the world were presented.
TotalEnergies is among the 5 largest energy companies in the world, becoming a multi-energy company aligned with the objectives of sustainable development to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Among the success stories presented at Tecnia on projects in which TotalEnergies is involved are the Zeeland refinery in the Netherlands (28,800 photovoltaic panels) and the Essakane hybrid project in Burkina Faso (130,000 photovoltaic panels), which managed to reduce 10,000 and 18,500 tons of CO2 per year, respectively.

Talks on industrial gas

On the other hand, the National Chamber of Industries (CNI) organized two talks, sponsored by TotalEnergies, on the current demand for industrial gas in Bolivia and the challenges towards 2025.  The first took place on March 16 at CNI's offices in La Paz, and the second on March 21 at the Marriott Hotel in Santa Cruz. 

At both events, the offer that TotalEnergies has to develop renewable energy projects for industry was presented, considering gas as a transition energy.