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20/03/2021 News

Total delivers rapid tests and more biosafety supplies against the pandemic

Continuing with the work done in the first year of the pandemic, Total made the first 2021 delivery of supplies for the prevention of Covid-19 to health centers and educational units in the municipality of Lagunillas. 

During March, the "San Luis" Hospital, three health centers of the Alto Parapeti Capitania, two of Iupaguasu and one of OTB Aguada Grande received 5,200 units of disposable face masks, 730 units of rapid tests, as well as several other supplies. In addition, the educational units of Caraparicito, Iviyeca and Tasete received material for hand washing and disinfection, an essential measure for the prevention of contagion among students: soap, sprays and washers.

"For us, the support provided is important. The most difficult thing is to have our children in school and these supplies help us a lot to protect their health. Many times our families cannot afford to buy a face mask and alcohol gel. The rapid tests support the health personnel of the health center to make the controls and follow up that we need so much", said Filemón Velásquez Cerezo, First Captain of Caraparicito.

"The donation of medical supplies has been of great help, especially for the disinfection of the post before and after the care of patients to avoid contagion. Now, with the donation of the reagents we will have a broad perspective of how many suspected cases we have and how many people with Covid-19 there may be to give them timely treatment," remarked Dr. Eliana Escalera, physician at the health center in Caraparicito.

For his part, Professor Jose Luis Rojas, Director of the Yeyora de Caraparicito Educational Unit, stated that "the supplies provided to us are of great help so that the students can protect themselves from the pandemic during the semi-presential classes that we have, especially to comply with biosecurity measures". 

Finally, Dr. Alejandro Cordero, director of the "San Luis" Hospital in Lagunillas, thanked Total, noting that "we have been working together for a long time; the cleaning supplies benefit us to prevent and eliminate viruses and bacteria; the face masks and clothing are of great help to doctors and health personnel and the rapid tests because they relieve the pocket of patients who are referred to the second level hospital in Camiri".

All this solidarity and extraordinary support, due to the pandemic situation, was formalized in the agreements signed between Total and the Municipal Government of Lagunillas, the "San Luis" Hospital, as head of the sector of the Municipal Health Network, and the leaders of the Alto Parapetí TCO. 

Total also continues with the encapsulation of its operating personnel, with strict quarantine protocols and PCR tests prior to any entry to the sites operated within the municipality of Lagunillas, as health and safety are fundamental values that guide the company's actions.