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23/10/2020 News

Total delivers improvements at Caraparicito health center

On October 16, Total E&P Bolivie delivered infrastructure improvements of  Caraparicito health center as part of the social investment projects designed to prevent and mitigate in the short term Covid-19 in indigenous and peasant communities of  the Municipality of Lagunillas.

The Lagunillas health network has only the primary level of health care; the "San Luis" Municipal Hospital is the head of this municipal health network. Both the municipal hospital and the communal health centers are lacking in infrastructure, personnel, equipment and supplies.

The improvements in the Caraparicito health center, executed through the Bolivian Foundation for Social Development (FUNDESOC), were focused on conditioning the infrastructure of three existing rooms – Caraparicito´s counterpart - that will be used for the isolation and care of asymptomatic patients or those with mild symptoms of COVID-19. 

Among the works carried out we can mention: improvements to the roof, gutters, downpipes, subfloor, ceramic floor and ceramic coating, false ceiling and installation of a bathroom that was in coarse work, among other details of fine work.

The Caraparicito community will be responsible for caring, mainting the improved infrastructure and operating the isolation rooms in coordination with the respective health authorities. They will also contribute with the equipment: cots, mattresses, and medical staff.
The fitting out of the existing infrastructure, as well as the provision of the necessary equipment for care, contributes to optimize the installed medical capacity and timely respond to possible positive cases of COVID-19. Families from the communities of Caraparicito, Iviyeca, Tasete, Yabumbia, Yaiti and Buena Vista will benefit from this medical service.


The improvement of Caraparicito health center infrastructure is part of an agreement signed on May 14, 2020 in that community, in which Total E&P Bolivie, the Bolivian Oil company (YPFB), the Mayor of the Municipal Government of Lagunillas, Guarani authorities and leaders of rural communities coordinated the implementation of short-term social investment projects to support the Municipality of Lagunillas and its communities, in preventing and mitigating Covid-19 within its jurisdiction. 

Health and safety: fundamental values that guide Total's actions

Total E&P Bolivie, as Azero, Ipati and Aquio blocks´ Operator within the framework of contracts signed with YPFB, has implemented protocols, contingency plans and agreements to protect those who work in the operating sites and the communities neighboring their industrial facilities from COVID-19.
For each shift of personnel entering the operated sites, a protocol, agreed upon with all the actors involved, including YPFB, the Municipal Government of Lagunillas, neighboring communities and health authorities of the Cordillera Province, is applied.