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09/10/2021 News

School libraries for communities

As part of its commitment to promote sustainable development in the communities where it operates, TotalEnergies in Bolivia delivered school libraries to the educational units of Caraparicito and Iviyeca, which are part of the municipality of Lagunillas.

Both libraries include textbooks from Editorial La Hoguera in the main highschool subjects: Literature, Mathematics, Social Sciences (History, Civics and Geography), Natural Sciences (Biology and Geology), Physics and Chemistry; as well as Didactic Guides for each textbook.

This voluntary support to the two communities includes the entire collection of books from Editorial La Hoguera's Reading Plan for elementary and highschool plus four display cases (two for each educational unit) so that the books can be stored. As well as different didactic games for the early stimulation room of the Caraparicito community's educational unit.

On the other hand, teachers of both educational units will receive training workshops on reading motivation workshop by specialists from Editorial La Hoguera.

"We have decided to provide these libraries of school textbooks to the educational units  of Caparicito and Iviyeca because they will undoubtedly be of great help to teachers and students, taking into account that they develop the main subjects of highschool and support the habit of reading at all levels," explained Maria Elisa Landivar, Manager of Public and Social Affairs of TotalEnergies EP Bolivie.

"We prioritize initiatives aimed at young people, for whom education is a source of empowerment," she concluded.


The teacher´s perspectives

José Luis Rojas, director of the Caraparicito Educational Unit, pointed out that the school libraries provided by TotalEnergies in Bolivia will bring "a great benefit for the students of the future, also for those who are going to come, not only those who are enrolled now. " Rojas said.

"Since we don't have (Internet) signal, this material that we have now will be useful for the student to research (...) and at the same time to have a better expression, communication, and interpretation," said Maria Montes, director of the Iviyeca Educational Unit.

In turn, Matilde Flores Yucra, chemistry, physics and technology teacher and member of the Pedagogical Committee of the Caraparicito Educational Unit, commented that the provision of school libraries "will have a great impact, as it will help develop each child, according to their potential and capacity, and will also be very helpful for those children who have different abilities".

"Through reading, children strengthen their expression and communication, so we are going to work a lot with emotions through reading texts as well, which helps a lot with spelling, which we all need. As you read, your learning grows, you learn things, you learn more, your vocabulary increases, so it has many benefits," concluded the educator.