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13/05/2019 News

President Evo Morales makes a technical visit to the Incahuasi 5 well

On April 5th, the president of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Evo Morales Ayma, carried out a technical inspection of the ICS-5 well (Incahuasi 5), drilled by Total E&P Bolivie in the Incahuasi field.
The main objective of the ICS-5 well is to assure Incahuasi´s field production capacity of 11 million cubic meters per day and confirm the extension of the structure to the south of the block.
The ICS-5 well is located 6 km south of the ICS-3 well, in the central part of the Ipati Block, where Total E&P Bolivie previously drilled 3 wells.
The drilling activity began in July 2018. In February 2019 the drilling activities were concluded 80 days ahead of schedule, reaching a depth of 5,040 meters.
The investment in the well, which includes the well pad, drilling and interconnection, is approximately US$ 95 million.
This project is part of a series of works currently being developed by Total E&P Bolivie, with its partners Gazprom, Tecpetrol and YPFB Chaco under an Operating Contract with YPFB, to expand the production capacity of Incahuasi to 11 million cubic meters per day.

Incahuasi Gas Processing Plant

In August 2016, the Incahuasi Gas Processing Plant, located 250 km south of the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, began commercial production of the Incahuasi and Aquio fields. Today it has a gas processing capacity of up to 8 million cubic meters per day. The plant receives the hydrocarbon extracted from three production wells: Aquio-X1001, ICS-X1 and ICS-2.
The processed gas is delivered through a lateral line to the national transportation system through the GASYRG pipeline, while the condensate is delivered through another pipeline to the OCSZ-2 oil pipeline for later commercialization by YPFB.