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15/03/2023 News

Families in Lagunillas fight dengue epidemic with equipment delivered by TEPBO

Bolivia is currently experiencing a dengue epidemic affecting adults, children and infant´s health. The Ministry of Health reported that the number of deaths as of March 7 has risen to 43 and the number of cases exceeds 13,400. Santa Cruz is the department with the highest number of infected patients: 9,936 in total.

In the 2021 administration, the Lagunillas Hospital, as the head of the Municipal Health Network sector, received voluntary support from TotalEnergies EP Bolivie during the Covid-19 emergency, with biosecurity supplies for the facility. Among them, a SWINGFOG thermal fogger, a key tool for fumigation and elimination of mosquito breeding sites to prevent dengue fever and other diseases. 

The equipment, manufactured in Germany, is at present being used for this purpose, not only in the town of Lagunillas, but also in the communities of the Alto Parapetí and Iupaguasu capitanias and the peasant Territorial Base Organizations (Organizaciones Territoriales de Base - OTB) in the area.

TEPBO, year after year, supports the municipality of Lagunillas to preserve the families’ health of communities neighboring operation sites, especially in times of emergency like this one, which has been a cause of great concern and special care of the population.